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Tuesday 28th January       - The History of the Pilgrim Fathers and their Epic Journey

                                            to the New World

                                            Speaker :  - Lez Ellis  (Town Crier - Dartmouth)

                                            7.30 pm   St Peter's, Harbertonford


Tuesday 12th May             - Uncovering the History of Sharpham

                                            Speaker: - Lynette Gribble

                                            7.30pm   St Andrew's Harberton


Saturday 1st August           -Annual Archaeological Walk and Summer Picnic

                                            with Andy Crab -- (details to follow).


Tuesday 22nd September  - The Old Saltway - From Coombe Cellars to Totnes

                                             Speaker: - Colin Vosper

                                             7.30 pm   St Peter's, Harbertonford


Tuesday 17th November    - Uncle Tom Cobley and Widecombe Fair and Harberton

                                             Speaker: - Dr Todd Gray

                                             7.30 pm  St Andrew's, Harberton


December :  Christmas Event TBA


CANCELLED     due      to            COVID-19