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Tuesday January 11th,  7.30pm - Online Via Zoom
                          Speaker:   Andy Crabb
                          Title: An Introduction to Dartmoor in 10 Objects

Tuesday March 15th, 7.30pm - Online via Zoom
Speaker:  Robin Toogood
                           Title:   A History of Orchards and Cider in South Devon

 Apple growing and cider making were a mainstay of the rural economy and at its 19th century peak Devon was England's most prolific county with 23,000 acres under orchard.  In this talk Robin Toogood will trace the story of orchards in this ares an dhow they impacted our communities, landscape, and economy.
Robin lives in South Brent and is Chairman of the South Devon organisation Orchard Link.

Tuesday June 14th, 7.30pm - Online via Zoom
Speaker: Lynette Gribble
                            Title:  Sharpham Estate: Ups and Downs

The magic of Sharpham lies in the relationship between land and water.
Its history, like that of similar estates, is a rich tapestry of ownership and loss of opportunities, of unfortunates and saviours, of marriages and descent, of sales and buy-backs, of gains and losses and .... mortgages.
Lynette came to the area to take up a teaching post at Dartington School in 1963. When that school closed its junior school, Lynette collaborated with 4 other women to set up Park School in 1986.  That school has entered its 36th year.  In 1998 Lynette became one of the Directors of the Open School under the aegis of Michael Young.  In 2000 she was asked to become a trustee of the Sharpham Trust and later became its Chair.  When Lynette retired from that she turned her attention to developing the Sharpham Archive.

Saturday June 18th --Please note change of date!!
                               Annual Summer Archaeological Walk and Picnic with Andy Crabb on Dartmoor.
                               More details available from the Club Secretary.

Tuesday November 22  ,  7.30pm -- Online via Zoom
                                  Speaker:  Dr Helen Wilson
                                  Title:  From 'Lady Woodcarvers' to Professionals: The Remarkable Pinwill Sisters

The Pinwill sisters, Mary Ethel and Violet, learnt to carve as teenagers, during the restoration of their father's church in Ermington.  With the patronage of architect Edmund H. Sedding, they established a professional woodcarving business, Rashleigh, Pinwill & Co. in 1880, which later relocated to Plymouth.  After about 1907, Violet ran the business single-handedly, with a workforce of nearly 30 carvers and joiners, establishing one of the best wood and stone carving companies in the West Country.
The full story of the Pinwill sisters and their astonishing woodcarvings has now been revealed in Helen's new book about them.
Dr Helen Wilson was born and brought up in Plymouth, Devon, and studied for a BSc and Ph|D in environmental Science at the University of Plymouth, teaching there for a number of years.  She has since developed interests in local history, architecture and churches., applying research skills to her main project of the last decade, studying the life and work of the Pinwill sisters, ecclesiastical woodcarvers.  Dr Wilson sits on the Executive Committee of the Devonshire Association and acts as Chair of their Buildings Section.

Tuesday January 24th 2023 ,  7.30pm --  Online via Zoom
                                 Speaker:  Andy Crabb
                                 Title:  Digging Deep: Dartmoor's Key Archaeological Excavations.

Andy Crabb is an Archaeologist with Dartmoor National Park and Historic England.



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